Langage Objet pour la RElativité NumériquE

LORENE is a set of C++ classes to solve various problems arising in numerical relativity, and more generally in computational astrophysics. It provides tools to solve partial differential equations by means of multi-domain spectral methods.
Scientific results obtained by means of LORENE are reported here.

LORENE classes implement basic structures such as arrays and matrices,  but also abstract mathematical objects, such as tensors, and astrophysical objects, such as stars and black holes. Note that, as a research software, LORENE is under perpetual development.

LORENE is a free software under the GNU General Public License. It is developed in the Meudon section of Paris Observatory, at LUTH laboratory, mostly by Eric Gourgoulhon, Philippe Grandclément, Jean-Alain Marck, Jérôme Novak and Keisuke Taniguchi. For more details about LORENE history and a complete list of contributors, click here.

Contact: Eric Gourgoulhon, Philippe Grandclément or Jérôme Novak.

Acknowledgments: this work is supported by the CNRS, as well as Observatoire de Paris.