Structure of Lorene directory

After downloading and compiling LORENE, the Lorene directory has the following structure:

Lorene/C++ : source files for the C++ part of LORENE, with the following substructure:

Lorene/C++/Include : header files containing the declaration of LORENE classes
Lorene/C++/Include_extra : header files containing declarations which do not belong to LORENE and which are required to compile LORENE (typically cpgplot.h).
Lorene/C++/Source : C++ source files of LORENE
Lorene/CVS : working directory for CVS (defining  the repository, etc...)

Lorene/Codes : main codes, including :

Lorene/Codes/Bin_star : computation of equilibrium configurations of binary stars
Lorene/Codes/Rot_star : computation of equilibrium configurations of rotating stars
Lorene/Codes/Test : various codes for testing LORENE classes and methods
Lorene/Codes/Tutorial : various codes for learning LORENE classes and methods
Lorene/Devel : template files for writing header and source files, as well as Makefiles to link with LORENE

Lorene/Doc : LORENE documentation, including

Lorene/Doc/refguide : HTML files of LORENE reference guide (generated by Doxygen)
Lorene/Eos_tables : Tables for nuclear matter equations of state employed by Lorene

Lorene/Export : Codes for exporting LORENE data as standard C arrays onto Cartesian grids:

Lorene/Export/BinBH : Main code for reading LORENE binary black hole configuration stored in a file and exporting it onto a Cartesian grid
Lorene/Export/C++ : Sources of basic C++ classes (not part of LORENE) to perform the LORENE data exportation
Lorene/F77 : Source files for the Fortran 77 part of LORENE

Lorene/Inst_tools : Source files for LORENE installation tools

Lorene/Lib : Libraries created by the compilation of LORENE

Lorene/Test : Simple main codes for testing the installation of LORENE

Lorene/bin : Installation tools (executable files generated by the compilation of Lorene/Inst_tools/*.C)


Documentations about various aspects of LORENE, as well as CVS usage, are in the directory Lorene/Doc.
In particular the HTML reference manual of LORENE can be read by browsing the file
where $HOME_LORENE stands for the path of directory Lorene. In case the HTML reference manual has not been generated on your system (e.g. Doxygen missing), you can nevertheless access to the www version.

Linking with LORENE

LORENE is compiled twice to provide two libraries:
  1.   Lorene/Lib/liblorene_g.a : non-optimized version of LORENE, with extra checks (assert instructions) and debugging information (-g option) to allow for using a debugger
  2.   Lorene/Lib/liblorene.a : optimized version of LORENE for production runs with the assert instructions skipped out
Template Makefiles to employ LORENE are in the directory Lorene/Devel: Some main codes are in the directory Lorene/Codes. See the corresponding README files.

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