[LORENE] New Param_ellitptic

Philippe Grandclement grandcle at phys.univ-tours.fr
Tue Aug 24 14:51:56 CEST 2004

This email should concern only people doing Monopoles (i.e. in Munich 
and Tours), but you never know...


Dear all,

    I have changed the way Param_elliptic deals with the variable 
change. The object Change_var is no longer used. Instead you have
to pass the Param_elliptic the two fonctions F(r, \theta, \phi) and G(r) 
as Scalars, by invoquing the member fonctions :
       set_variable_F and set_variable_G.

If you update Lorene (which I encourage you to do), your codes will not 
work as such. So please contact me and I will make the changes needed in 
order to use the new features of Param_elliptic.

Philippe Grandclement

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