Philippe Grandclement grandcle at phys.univ-tours.fr
Tue Aug 24 14:48:30 CEST 2004

Dear all,
    I have included noew operators in Lorene that need the GNU 
Scientific Library (bessel functions). So GSL is now requiered to use 
Lorene. It should come with most of the Linux distributions so that most 
of you should not have much trouble. If GSL is not installed you may 
want to check their webpage : GSL Homepage <http://www.gnu.org/software/gsl>

In order to link, I have added, in all the local_settings* file the 
variable LIB_GSL. Its value should be correct for standard linux but may 
need to be changed for more "exotic" setups, so let me know if you have 
some problems with that. Next time you update your Lorene repository, do 
not forget to cp the appropriate locale_setting file to local_setting 
(like for a first installation, see the Lorene web page).

In your Makefile you just need to add LIB_GSL in the linking options. 
Please look at the template Makefiles provided in Lorene/Devel.

I have also updated the Lorene Web Page to include GSL in the 
prerequisites and it should appear tomorrow.

Do not hesitate to contact me...

Philippe Grandclement

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