[LORENE] New graphical functions

Eric Gourgoulhon eric.gourgoulhon at obspm.fr
Fri Mar 25 22:00:19 CET 2005

Dear All,

New graphical functions have been introduced in Lorene
to perform 2-D plots of a Scalar or a Vector without
having to use the old Cmp and Tenseur functions:

des_coupe_x(const Scalar&, ..) : draws isocontour lines
     of a Scalar in a plane X=constant.

des_coupe_vect_x(const Vector&, ...) : plots a vector field
    (with arrows) in a plane X=constant.

Besides, the functions performing 1-D plots of Scalar's,

des_profile(const Scalar&, ...)
des_profile_mult(const Scalar**, ...)
des_meridian(const Scalar &, ...)

allow now to draw the boundaries between the domains
(new argument draw_bound at the end of the argument
list, set by default to "true").

Bon code !

Eric Gourgoulhon
Laboratoire de l'Univers et de ses THeories (LUTH)
UMR 8102 du CNRS / Observatoire de Paris, F-92195 Meudon Cedex, France
tel: +33 1 45 07 74 33 (secretariat : +33 1 45 07 75 10)
e-mail: eric.gourgoulhon/at/obspm.fr    WWW: http://www.luth.obspm.fr/

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