[LORENE] regarding to the definition of shift vector in Bin_NS

Jian Tao jtao at artsci.wustl.edu
Thu Dec 9 06:37:44 CET 2004

Dear Eric,

On Thursday 09 December 2004 02:43 am, you wrote:
> Actually I've corrected these comments after
> your first remark about this.
> I think everything is correct now.
> By the way, can you tell me which data set
> you are using exactely. Some data sets may
> be better than others (this is why I am
> asking).
Currently I am using the following two datasets to test things out and 
compare against Luca Baiotti's results.

Dataset #1: G2_I14vs14_D4R33_45km 
Dataset #2: G2_C14vs14_D4R33_45km

I calculated both Ham and Mom constraints of both datasets. You can 
have a look at the results at 


1. Irrotation: 

FILE NAME:  Ir_HAM.ps Ir_MOMY.ps         

   All the constraints calculated at a resolution 
higher than 50^3 are scaled to the 2nd order. 
e.g. when the number of grid points is 75, I timed (75/50)^2 to the

All the constraints converge to the 2nd order as I expect. 
It is good !

2. Corotation:

FILE NAME:  Cr_HAM.ps Cr_MOMY.ps              

  All the constraints are plotted directly from the output files. 
It seems the Hamiltonian converges to some value, which is much bigger
than, what you suggested in your previous email, 10^-5
The momentum(momy along x axis) constraint doesn't converge 
at all. I got this result after I did a fresh CVS checkout from Lorene
CVS server. However,  the old Lorene code(before you fixed the bug)
gives converging momentum constraints, but they also converged to
some big values.  

Considering various tests have been done to verify the integrity of Meudon
datasets in numerous papers,  I doubt the thought that this kind of tests have
 never been done before.  I will be glad to know what you got.


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