[LORENE] Units

Jerome Novak Jerome.Novak at obspm.fr
Thu Mar 25 11:38:59 CET 2004

Dear LOREN-ers,

All unit definitions are now part of the namespace Unites (with a
capital 'U'). To use mas, length, time or electro-magnetic units, put a
'#include "unites.h"' together with your favorite includes at the
beginning of the file and, within the function where you want to use
r_unit, v_unit or so, type 'using namespace Unites;'
This namespace is documented in the LORENE doc...

There is no more compilator warning even if you do not use these

In case of doubt, you might also have a look at a C++ manual to see how
to use namespaces.

Bon code,

Jerome Novak
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