[LORENE] grv2 Newtonian

Eric Gourgoulhon Eric.Gourgoulhon at obspm.fr
Mon Nov 3 18:00:47 CET 2003

Dear Reinhard,

Thanks to your message, I've just realized there was an error
in Etoile_rot::grv2() in the Newtonian case, the result of
which was an (apparent) low precision as estimated from grv2()
in Newtonian computations. I've corrected this error and
committed a new version of et_rot_global.C in Lorene.
So please perform a cvs update to get a correct computation
of GRV2 for Newtonian configurations.
Actually the GRV2 error indicator is meaningfull in the
Newtonian case, because the Newtonian limit of the GRV2 identity
\int_0^\pi \int_0^\infty [ p + \rho v^2 - {1\over 8\pi G} (\nabla 
\Phi)^2 ] r dr d\theta = 0

where p, \rho, v and \Phi are respectively the fluid pressure, mass density,
velocity and the gravitational potential (see Eq. (31) of Bonazzola & 
Class. Quantum Grav. 11, 1775 (1994)).

You are right when you say that the corresponding relativistic 
2D-Poisson equation
is actually not solved in the Newtonian case. However the above integral
identity is still non trivial and must be satisified by the solution.
Therefore Etoile_rot::grv2() evaluates the relative error in the above 

Best wishes,


Reinhard Prix wrote:

>if I understand this correctly, the '2D-viriel'-error grv2() is
>meaningless in the Newtonian case (I suppose the corresponding
>2D-Poisson equation is not actually solved in that case?).
>If this is so, would it not be better (for clarity) to set 
>grv2 -> 0  in the non-relativistic case?

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